Not long ago, the broken one was I.

Much like shattered glass; dangerous and beyond repair.

The fragmented remains of my soul lacerated and abused all who came close.

Then, the impossible became reality.

Darkness gave way to a delicate dance , so skillfully orchestrated, so intricate and beautiful that it cannot be easily described.

A personal symphony of inception, with a vitalizing crescendo that gave way to an exquisite transformation, and then subsided into the steady drum of a heartbeat.

And out of the wreckage came a woman, magnificent and new, and yet made of all the broken pieces of my soul.

Can this be true? Indeed it is.

Let me share this story with you.


This is my opinion on events that have taken place in my own life.

This is the perspective of one person only and should be viewed as such.

Those who have had similar experiences and have come to different conclusions are as entitled to their beliefs as I.

Events have been described as accurately as they have been remembered.

The intent of this blog is not to discredit any one person, belief, or religion.

It is simply to tell my story.


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